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  • After a very busy summer of teaching, Kiranavali had a very fulfilling Fall season with performances in Seattle (Sept 17), Portland (Sept 18), New Jersey (Nov 5) and India (Nov-Dec). She was also invited to present talks in Philadelphia (Sept 10) and Maryland (Oct 22). She presented her student Akshaya Raman in a full-fledged debut performance (Sept 24) at The Hindu Temple of Delaware. She taught during the Fall semester at the University of Pennsylvania. As part of her outreach initiative and to celebrate ten impactful years of her musical life in the Philadelphia area, she hosted an all-day festival at The Hindu Temple of Delaware through Lofty Heights on November 19. Besides a lecture-concert of violinist Purnaprajna Bangere, this event featured half a dozen of Kiranavali's advanced students in individual concerts.

  • At the beginning of 2016, Kiranavali became a second-time recipient of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant, winning two different apprenticeship grants this year. She had earlier received this grant in 2014.

  • In 2014, Kiranavali became the first individual musician to receive a prestigious project grant from The Pew Center of Arts & Heritage. Her project, Tradition - An Evolving Continuum, was a pioneering effort to bring together Carnatic musicians residing in the United States, and showcased Tradition and Evolution and in the Carnatic context. The resulting performance received rave response from audiences across the world. Besides conceptualizing this project and composing music for the new ensemble, Kiranavali led it as the Vocalist and Chitravina artist. The project documentary is available on the YouTube Carnatic Tradition channel.




  • This Fall, Kiranavali will be doing a multi-city concert tour of North America covering cities like Philadelphia, DC, San Diego, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Louisville and Edmonton (Canada). Watch this space for more updates. Her team exclusively features South Indian classical musicians from North America - Kamalakiran Vinjamuri (violin) and Vinod Seetharaman (mridangam). For enquiries and to book this group, kindly contact

  • Kiranavali's 15th annual summer music camp (both residential and day camp) scheduled between June 17 through June 30 was a roaring success. It covered various aspects of performance including voice culture, stronger command over basics, repertoire building, theoretical aspects and improvisational skills.

  • Spring 2017 saw Kiranavali tackling diverse commitments with practiced ease. Besides regular and thematic concerts at various venues, she presented a fund-raiser fusion event with western classical violinist, Domenic Salerni, for Chinmaya Mission's Bala Vihar Youth Group (May 21). The 3-part event showcased her Carnatic solo, a western solo segment and a fusion segment which featured one of her own compositions. A short clip from this event:

  • Kiranavali is back in the United States after a hectic performing season in Chennai, India with about 14 events in three weeks. Besides presenting concerts and lectures herself, she presented her 7-year old daughter, Akshara Samskriti and a few students in concerts at various venues across the city. In addition to performances sprinkled across Spring 2017, Kiranavali has a full teaching schedule including the one at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also hoping to spend time on her book on her guru, the late T. Brinda.

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