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As an artist with a comprehensive understanding of her art form and a balanced vision to bring it to a global platform, Kiranavali has constantly engaged herself in reaching out to newer audiences through her performances and talks. Gifted with good articulation, she has addressed diverse groups of people across the United States to foster awareness and interest in Carnatic music.


In February 2013, following an interesting talk she organized for her students and music lovers in the Greater Philadelphia region by eighth generation musician, Vegavahini Vijayaraghavan, she decided to start the Lofty Heights Series. In the short time since its inception, the Series has already seen over a dozen Carnatic music events featuring accomplished professionals and students from India and the United States in performances, talks and panel discussions. Working in tandem with organizations around the Philadelphia region as well as India and using her own advantage in the artist community, Kiranavali has been able to reach out to an impressive variety of artists and audiences. Her aim of creating awareness, deepening interest, and fostering a lifelong involvement in the Indian performing arts and culture among her students and the local community is already showing visible results. The Lofty Heights Series is now a very desired performance venue for famed professionals, and attracts audiences from surrounding states such as New Jersey and Maryland.



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