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Kiranavali has been in the public eye since she was toddler. Below are some select quotes from various concert reviews over the years. Click here to read an interview of hers. Here are links to a couple of write-ups on her latest Pew project grant




"... Astounding in her precocity..." Indian Express, June 14, 1975


"... More fantastic is the manner in which 3-year old Kiranavali is able to tell the Raga even at the commencement of its outline." The Hindu, June 1976



“... The choice of melody-based ragas and unique or uncommon kritis, both create an aura that can raise the level of a concert. Kiranavali's recital was a mix of both plus a well-trained voice. The virtuosity of the artiste came to the fore with a fairly elaborate alapana in Kharaharapriya. Nadachi nadachi, a rare kriti, took form in Kiranavali's full throated expression as she unfolded the sangatis in a neat manner. The neraval at Pudamisuta was carefully crafted and the improvisation in three cycles to the line gave us the feel of the Kharaharapriya in its distinctive syllabic utterances. The alapana for Ranjani (Durmarga charadhamulane) was singularly exceptional.” The Hindu, Hyderabad Edition, Jan 27, 2012

“… Kiranavali showcased her wide repertoire and creative abilities and topped it off with an elaboration of Todi… She demonstrated her skills across a number of different aspects – be it kalpanaswaras or alapanas in Todi and Lalita. Also her selection of rare kritis (compositions) stood out.” The New Indian Express, Jan 3, 2008


"... Kiranavali demonstrated her erudition in music by her choice of kritis by different composers in a variety of talas. She has remarkable knowledge and good control in her voice." Sruti, September 2006


"… Kiranavali presented Shanmukhapriya with consummate ease… The exposition of Varali (in the tanam) was outstanding… The avartana kuraippu (covering 72 ragas) was simply breathtaking… It was amazing that Kiranavali did not show any signs of strain after the marathon effort… She should be commended on this attempt… it speaks volumes of her hard work and dedication.” The Hindu, February 23, 2006


"... In an atmosphere of showmanship and gimmicks pervading the performing arts, it was heartening to see that there are youngsters who still believe in substance. Kiranavali's pristine pure music, unfailingly melodious and resonant voice, and her neat presentation had all the ingredients of a high-class performance.” The Hindu, New Delhi Edition, Feb 10, 2006


“… Kiranavali Vidyasankar in her segment provided a demonstration of the depth of Carnatic music and her own knowledge of it in a truly astounding Ragam Tanam and Shataragamalika (100-raga) Pallavi. It was a connoisseurs delight to try identify the ragas as they switched every few seconds. Her performance had intense concentration, dexterity and precision. The violinist had his work cut out for him having to maneuver through the complicated path taken by the vocalist on the dizzying ride.” The India Journal, USA, February 2004


"... Young Kiranavali has a wonderful voice, a touch of huskiness to lend it distinction and depth, and a malleable timbre. It revels in ragabhava and brings off the gamakas with an ease which does not ignore their luminescence." Frontline, February 6, 1998


"... Special mention is to be made of Shashikiran and Kiranavali for their excellent vocals in (the operatic ballet) Lakshmi Prabhavam; especially Kiranavali's ringing voice with clear pronunciation added a charm to the orchestral group." The Hindu, December 19, 1997


"... Her concert revealed the depth of her knowledge and her indefatigable efforts towards perfection. Her musical maturity at such a young age fills one with a sense of awe ..." Dinatanti, December 9, 1997


"... Kiranavali took efforts to reveal the subtle aspects of music in an effective way... she featured some rare classic pieces ..." Indian Express, September 22, 1996


"... The vocal duo of 15-year old Shashikiran and 12-year old Kiranavali gave real meaning to the 'super talent' claim of the campaigners, by stealing the hearts of listeners including the conservative ones aflame with the traditional vitality and passion of their performance... Kiranavali looked charmingly innocent but sang a spectacular akaara passage in the course of her forays into Shanmukhapriya and won both affection and applause ..." The Hindu, June 1986




"... A painter-musician, the tone-colour, the depth and dimension, shades and sparkles come so natural to Kiranavali. The gayaki style was predominant throughout. One perceived her playing for self-enjoyment, self-fulfilment ..." Shanmukha, October 1995


"... Kiranavali stole the hearts of rasikas with her faultless rendering of kritis. The blend of tradition and laya in her kritis and swaras, and the sparkle in her raga alapanas played with elegance and artistry mark her out as an artiste who has a great future ..." Indian Express, October 22, 1995


"... Kiranavali had a great responsibility in preserving the reputation of the family, and she acquitted herself well announcing through her presentation the heritage of music she is heir to ..." The Hindu, October 27, 1995


"…In their concert at the Music Academy, Kiranavali who provided Chitravina accompaniment to Ravikiran proclaimed her competence ... there was nobility in every one of her phrasings in alapana, neraval and swaras ..." The Hindu, January 6, 1995


Here are a few links to full reviews:


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