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Kiranavali has distinguished herself as an eminent writer and editor. She has been regularly contributing to and editing articles pertaining to Carnatic music for well-known newspapers, journals, websites and magazines since 1992. 


She was the first Editor of the pioneering website on Carnatic music, (1999-2003). During her editorship, this website won the Britannica Award for Excellence. While serving in Carnatica, she also edited a book titled Ragas at a Glance (2002), written by well-known scholar and musician, Prof. S. R. Janakiraman.


Between Dec 15, 2007 and Jan 15, 2008, she helped put together a daily page in the Indian Express comprising feature articles, interviews, reviews and other interesting tidbits related to the famed Madras music season.


In 2011, she served on the Publications and Outreach Committee of Sruti ( To commemorate their Silver Jubilee, Kiranavali helped bring out a special volume called Great Composers of Carnatic Music. This collectors item is a compilation of articles by some of the best-known Carnatic musicians and scholars on nearly 25 top-class composers in the Carnatic firmament. She is currently working on a book on her guru, the late Smt. T. Brinda.

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